Lynn Levitt

Find your path to property.

I think I have the best job in the world so I might as well tell everyone about it. I get to meet the extremely inspirational people on a day to day basis who come in to see us to find out what we can do to change their lives for the better.

I get to hear stories about what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and most importantly how they want to move forward. I can honestly say I resonate with every single story that I hear. That’s what I find amazing. It constantly reassures me that we are actually all after the same things.I have identified 4 major things. Love, happiness, family and enough money to be able to do what we want when we want. To me that’s a life of abundance. What could be more rewarding than spending all the time that you want with the people you love and being able to say “yes” when they need a hand financially? Being able to say “yes I can help with your first deposit for a home”, being able to say “yes let’s all go on a family cruise and Mum and Dad are paying”. I can almost sense a lot of “I’m not paying!” comments LOL, but seriously most of us would give whatever we can to those we love and more if we had the ability to do it.Most people I meet have the ability to be in this position. They may not be millionaires and most, like me, are ordinary happy people living their life here on the Sunshine Coast. Perhaps because of how we have not been trained to handle money and invest wisely, things may have not turned out how we thought they would.Five years ago yesterday my husband and I walked through the doors of Think Money. What a life changing event that was.
Was it easy and smooth sailing? Absolutely not, but was it worth it? A resounding YES leaves my lips!
My husband and I are now in the fortunate and growing position of living in our beach house at Alex, multiple investment properties, family holidays and we work five minutes from home. Pinch myself stuff. How did we get here I ask?It first starts with gaining new information to push through the financial fear barriers. This is critical if you want to create wealth. Learning about how to manage your finances better than you ever have before and most importantly get a path to property accumulation to create wealth.Everyone who wants wealth needs a path. Property in my experience seems to be the best way to do this, but you have to learn to leave it alone to work! We also have to learn to live our lives and not spend more than we earn! We have to learn that there are great things on the other side of reducing your home loan.So do you have a path to property? How would that make you feel if you did?I certainly know how my family and I feel. Pretty damn excited and I certainly expect more of the same!Lynn