Lynn Levitt

Goals, Goals and more Goals

Yes it’s that time of year when we are all talking about New Year’s resolutions and making this year count. It doesn’t matter where you start or how you start, the main thing is you just have to do something and do it now!There are hundreds of different ways you can get yourself motivated to do some goals and future intention planning. Here are just 2 of my many favourites:
  • Future letter to myself – I write a letter to myself as if it has already happened. For example; I pick a date 2, 3 or even 10 years down the track and write a letter about how amazing the last X number of years have been. What I have achieved, where I have travelled to and whom I have spent my time with. Shows I have been to and the income I have grown. I then seal and put it away where I will find it down the track. Always makes for interesting reading and amazing how many things come to fruition.
  • Goal Mapping – my personal favourite. I map out some short, medium and long-term goals. I date them as to when I want to achieve them and then I draw or collect pictures that reflect my goals and put them alongside my Goal Map. I keep this on a wall at home, bathroom, screen saver so that I can see it every day and I do something every day towards this goal.
At Think Money we believe and teach that 80% of what you do is all about your mindset and attitude.
If you have personal goals outside of money it’s amazing how easy it becomes to be able to attract the things in life that you want the most.Money is right up there with Oxygen, we need it. You can do great fun things with money and it’s nice to have a balance of both. Makes life much easier. When you have a set of goals it gives you something to work towards, focus and aim. Without this you may find you are just bumbling along not really getting where you want to go and making excuses or blaming others in the process… how’s that working for you?So I say take control, set some goals, take some action and most importantly have some fun along the way. What’s the worst that can happen? The plan doesn’t come off how you thought and you have to try something different? Well for most of us that’s a whole lot better than trying nothing at all!Hope to see you at our next Goal 4 Wealth & Life Workshop. All welcome.SAT JAN 21. Go to Goal setting everyone.