Lynn Levitt

Going it alone

We have so many amazing clients creating wealth through property on their own. This What Lynn Learned is a massive shout to you all and anyone out there reading this that is on their own, take heart, have hope that you can change your financial future in an instant.

Whether you are parenting children on your own or not, it’s always good to hang out with like-minded people when you decide to take charge of your financial future. I love showing people that even though they may not be able to take action now and buy an investment property, a plan for the future that starts today, right now, is always the best medicine.Waiting for things to change or for someone else to come along and make life easier can take its toll. Being proactive, seeking out new information and learning new things is what is going to change your future.
But when do you start? I say NOW.
Many people I work with either via phone/Skype or face to face at one of our many information nights are often going it alone for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is separation and divorce. This doesn’t mean that you have to live on bread and butter for the rest of your life. You do however, need to have set realistic goals and sometimes these may include learning new skills and taking a course to get yourself ready to do something different.Having ‘been there, done that’ on my own as a single parent, I sometimes found it easy just to stay at home and turn off the lights. I was embarrassed about my situation and I made some dreadful financial decisions. I clawed my way back by learning new things and hanging out with people that had some of the things I wanted. I learnt things and I then started attending workshops and learning online.Not every workshop I stayed till the end and not every cent I spent online did I think was completely worthwhile. But it all lead me to Think Money where my life changed immensely and now I am in the privileged position to be able to help others do the same.So whether you are married, single or have lot’s of cats and dogs, don’t put your head in the sand and stay “stuck”. Come in and see me or pick up the phone. We will change your life, that is one thing for sure.Happy Friday everyoneLynn x