Lynn Levitt

Have you considered how your financial situation affects your life?

Have you considered the positive (and negative) effects finance may have on your marriage, personal relationships and family?

I know from first-hand experience that when discussions regarding money came up, it rarely ended well. Rarely do we all agree, and often someone’s temperature goes up.At Think Money we focus on being the “middle person” to assist and navigate through what can sometimes be a minefield. Often we are bringing to the table our knowledge, but most of the time someone’s “fear” buddy gets dragged into the conversation as well.
Generally, one person wants to move ahead, and the other is wanting to stay put and not move an inch. Chris calls these two types the “gambler” and the “skeptic.” This type of behaviour is not limited to finance discussions, but it is our area of expertise.
When my wonderful husband is kindly telling me everything he knows and why something is not going to work, I lovingly enquire “how long have you been studying X Y Z?” “Are you living and breathing it daily?” “Do you know the absolute correct answer to your question?” When he smiles at me (mostly smiles) and replies…well, no. I say “okay great lets us ask someone who is living and breathing it! Let’s talk to Chris.”The reason I operate this way is that I have learned, especially with finance, you must hang out with people who have got a good healthy attitude and mindset towards becoming wealthy. It’s not a bad thing to want to be wealthy. It’s fabulous to be able to share your money with family and friends. I get a great feeling from being able to take our family on holidays and not worry about having to pay it off when I get home. I’m excited to know my children will have a great financial future because of what I am learning now.So because my hubby and I defer to Chris for all things “wealth” we no longer argue about the grocery bill and how much we are spending. We find plenty of other things to argue over! Only joking xxxKind Regards, Lynn