Lynn Levitt

I’m sooo embarrassed.

How often are we fearful of the money mistakes that we have made? Then when we do pluck up the courage to talk to someone about them, we often get all hot and bothered and feel silly that we are in this position. It’s the same with relationships. Relationships crack under the pressure, and often it becomes too hard and we do nothing. We beat ourselves up for being so stupid.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Why don’t we ever have any money? I work so hard.
  • Do we really have to spend that much on groceries?
  • How come The Jones’s are going on holidays and we are not.

This list can go on and on and the answer is always the same. That’s because we continue to answer our own questions with the same limited expertise about all things money.

We need to gain new information on what could be possible to see if there is something different that can be achieved.

At Think Money we understand how hard it is to talk about what you feel may be mistakes you have made in the past. I am here to tell you that of the many people I see day in and day out, we all have the same story! That’s right, we have all gambled at some point, made a wrong turn, took the wrong advice and are now dealing with the delays in not doing anything about it.

I cannot stress enough to you that you must take action, and you must stop believing that you have the answers. When it comes to finances and strategies the first question you should be asking yourself is: –

  • Am I an expert in this field? Do I have the answers?

Then you simply need to get over the fact that you don’t know some things and come to one of our free information nights and see if you learn something new. If you don’t learn something new and you know it all, fabulous! If you don’t know it all then maybe you will learn something that will change your financial life.

I have hundreds and hundreds of success stories of what clients have achieved here at Think Money including my own. I certainly didn’t do it sitting at home complaining about what I don’t have.

Hope to see you at the next Intro to Think Money, Tues Sep 6.

Cheers Lynn