Lynn Levitt

Keep coming back, apparently that’s the secret!

It never ceases to amaze me when clients casually come through the door, chat to Chris, and leave with endless possibilities of what can be done to continue to create wealth for their future and their families future.

It’s the repetition that sets the eagles apart from the rest of the pack. Seeing clients soar year after year, property after property, whilst still continuing to reduce debt and live the lifestyle they only once dreamed of makes coming to work pure joy!How lucky is it for the team here at Think Money to see, day after day, client after client, doing things they never throught possible. I was exactly the same once upon a time. I honestly thought my hubby and I would be on the other side of 65 before we could take our foot off the pedal.Within 5 short years of being here at Think Money, first as a client, now as General Manager, we have 5 properties and one of them our dream goal, the “Alex Beach House”. Who would of thought? Chris Childs knew straight away.Having been there done that herself, she simply educated and showed us the path to freedom! Were there bumps along the way? Of course – I changed jobs, a family member became seriously ill, and at times I lost focus with my Debt Reduction. Every single time something happened I called Chris, sometimes in tears, sometimes just to get shown the right way again, but nevertheless I was proactive.As a client you have to keep checking in and seeing what can be done, when it can be done, and what you have to do to turn things up. I have never come across any successful person who’s path to success was sitting in front of the television every night watching reality TV, as riveting as that can be (Note to Self: switch off the TV!) They took action, they made mistakes, they learned and most importantly they kept going.So my question to you is what’s “your get going?” What are you doing to ensure your family’s financial wealth is secure for years to come?We are here any time you need a check up from the neck up!Till then have a great week.Lynn x