Lynn Levitt

Are you living the dream by living beyond your means?

Here on the Sunshine Coast, it’s so easy to get caught up in “living the dream” we are after all in paradise and paradise should always be celebrated with great wine and food, family and friends.

This costs money! Especially the family part. So what is it you can do to ensure that you are enjoying your lifestyle but not living beyond your means?The first step is to get control of your finances, in other words, do you know where your money is going? In my four years of working at Think Money, I have not yet met anyone who does, including myself, until I started tracking.What is tracking? Tracking is what we teach here at Think Money to ensure you know the answers and that the “discussions” at home about where money is going can be easily solved by looking straight at a nice little budget tracker, that we use.The big difference between budgeting and tracking is answers. Anyone can do a budget with any figures, tracking you have to track every dollar going in and out. Often we are all in the dark as to how much money we are spending on the little insignificant things, but once we start tracking, you can see the waste clearly.The great thing about this is you can change your spending habits on what may be the “silly little things” and start using that money more wisely to reduce your mortgage. When you do this, it does a few great things. Firstly it reduces the debt, by reducing the debt you reduce the interest, otherwise known as money you pay to the bank! So this means more in your family’s pocket to spend on the Sunshine Coast lifestyle dream.It also creates equity – this is gold! Once you have equity, that’s when the wealth creation starts and the dreams become a daily occurrence.    Well, that’s what all our clients tell us and I started out as one of them and am a testament to what we teach.Creating wealth by increasing equity increases your wealth, which in turn increases your lifestyle. The best news of all is you don’t have to wait ten years for this; you can start right now today. All you have to do is come along to one of our free information sessions or have a complimentary 1-hour wealth session with me.I guarantee you will leave feeling excited and like you will be in control of living the dream but not beyond your means!Happy dreaming!Lynn