Lynn Levitt

Looking ahead for 2009

As we contemplate 2008 and look ahead to 2009 it’s hard not to see investors returning to faithful practices that have done them well in the past.

People tend to do more research at the start of an upturn in the market. They’re more hesitant to jump in with both feet so they look for signs from experts or by doing their own research on infrastructure and job growth within a radius of the property they’re interested in.

In 2009 we’ll see certain areas do really well and other areas stagnate so it’s important to get the facts straight.

Specific suburbs of cities will do well with new infrastructure as well as proximity to schools and jobs which will mean good rental demand. Southeast Queensland with it’s diverse economy will continue to grow in 2009. Coastal towns on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast that have had strong rental growth without the corresponding price growth will do particularly well.

In fact as Bernard Salt says in his article that the towns along the Australian East Coast are hot property in 2009.

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