Lynn Levitt

Loan Structures and Debt Reduction – A mighty Link

There are so many different banking options available it is hard to know where to start. Most people get their advice from a bank – what sort of accounts to open, what sort of loans to have. A bit of a laugh really, with most of the profits the banks make coming from their smallest account holders it’s like asking the mouse where to keep the cheese.y plan would be very bleak.
Getting independent advice on what would work best for you rather than the banks is an important part of setting up your finance platform successfully.
Working out how to reduce your debt fast, finding out about the up and down sides of debt consolidation, creating a perfect system of using credit cards to benefit you and not the bank are just a few things a wealth coach can advise on to accelerate your debt reduction and get you on the road to investing
Lynn Levitt – Think Money Wealth Coach and Goal Mapping Expert.