Lynn Levitt

Manifest good Habits

Good habits are hard to form but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with!I heard this the other day and thought how true this is. When you try and form a new habit, Like doing your budget; your brain will fight you.  It takes a lot of willpower and perseverance to overcome the old  “habit” of not doing the budget.The only way to create new habits is to trick the brain. We talk about this a lot in our goal mapping programs here at Think Money. Habit Stacking is a form of putting the new habit in amongst what you are doing already doing, to let the brain get comfortable. Then you start to move towards the new habit much easier, as your mind does not perceive it is a threat.
If you want to change a habit – this is the best way. Setting a goal to get a different outcome to what you have now is the first step, and then you must take action. First, we start with a thought; the thought creates a feeling; we turn the feeling into actions, and then we get results.
If at first the result you get is not what you were hoping for, then change or move the goal, take a different course of action of getting a new teacher. The worse thing any of us can do is give up just because our first, second or even third attempt did not work.You must guard your dreams like your life depends on it and never give up. I have struggled most of my life trying to think how to be wealthy. It is an ongoing challenge, and there are times where I just think “why don’t I take the easy way and just give up?”. The problem with this is I know too much now, I do believe I can be wealthy, and the truth is I already am in many ways and not just financially. The problem was I was so used to having a poor mentality; I had to train myself to see the wealth in all aspects.I was able to change this mindset with goal mapping, and I continue to do this. I teach it and live and breathe it daily. Do I do it perfectly daily? No! Do I take steps back? Absolutely! But when I pick myself up and dust myself off again I charge forward with greater clarity and speed. The results always speak for themselves.When was the last time you took your life seriously and set some goals?Our next Goals Events are: Beers, Blokes and Goals – 16 August 2016. Goal Mapping for Wealth – 27 August 2016Feel free to email your comments to me Regards Lynn.