Lynn Levitt

Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

So tell me this – are you walking around complaining, feeling sorry for yourself, tired, whinging about having to get everything done in time for Christmas? If you are do everyone a favour and go and stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself as you whine, whinge and tell yet some other poor innocent victim how hard your life is! Does that feel good… I think not.

WAKE UP !!!! WAKE UP!!!The only reason your life is too hard is because that is what you are choosing to focus on. I see this consistent behaviour start to surface towards the end of the year, some people start to think that going away for the weekend, going out for drinks and dinner with friends, having people over for dinner, most of which they initiated, is a sentence they have to endure.One of the many things we teach at Think Money, which is very consistent with the mindset of super successful happy people is to get happy, get active and get focused! Sitting around moaning and groaning about how much shopping you have to do or how you have to clean the house before someone comes and visits is certainly not on the Richard Branson wish list.Keeping yourself organized, busy and focused doesn’t mean you have to have a chaotic life, it’s a fine balance between going too far to the “let’s all sit quiet and hold hands for hours on end” to “OMG – give me some valium the family is coming.”
We need to find balance and listen to our bodies when we are feeling tired and overwhelmed.
There is no point doing your budget tracker when you cannot give it the respect, time and energy it needs to make your life easier, yet funnily enough it’s one of the most important facets of what we teach here at Think Money, getting control and clarity, and it makes your life easier.When I am tired I go to bed, (alone!!) I drink plenty of water and I eat lots of healthy food. I find within 24- 48 hours tops I am back on track and able to deal with what life is dishing out. Life does not stop, nor does the need for oxygen or money for that matter so best we get focused, happy and sorted and the wonderful ride to Christmas will be much more fun than listening to someone whinging how busy they are.I’ve never really come across anyone, including myself that has too much on their plate, but I have listened to many people who believe they have. The happiest people are the ones who know where they are going, what they have to do to get there and seem to be having the most fun along the way.Yes please I choose to hang with them!Lynn x