Lynn Levitt

Money well spent

How many times in life have we heard “anything that sounds too good to be true can’t be free?” Well I don’t know too many professionals, dentists or doctors who are specialists in their field that are happy to work for free long term.

I think the most important thing is that you are shown the value for money no matter what area of your life you are investing in. If it’s fitness or health, dentistry, whatever it is, as long as you feel you are getting value for money then it all seems to work.At Think Money we have many options and packages for our clients. They vary depending on what you are trying to achieve. We work on ensuring that what we offer is jam-packed with added value, loads of education, software tools, webinar, videos and a library of downloadables as well as unlimited one-on-one education and not to mention the 150 odd educational events we do each year which can also be live streamed right into your lounge room.We host complimentary events and one-on-one sessions. These are all held in our lovely offices in Maroochydore. We pride ourselves on showing you what’s possible and how to go about it. It’s a bit like joining a gym really, you can learn it and go away and do it on your own if you have good discipline or you have a personal wealth coach and mentor to make sure your goals get reached.Often in the first appointment we have shown our clients how they can save thousands of dollars by just tidying up their loan structures. Loans are often structured by the banks to ensure you stay with them for the longest period possible, and they soften them with “cheap” introductory interest rates and/or deals. The issue here is that more often than not you are locked into a loan term loan which you are not allowed to pay off sooner.
Once we compare apples with apples most people can see the money they could be saving with some new learning and education.
We have hundreds of successful and happy clients who now benefit year after year and have the freedom they thought they never would.If you would like a complimentary wealth coaching session to see how we can save you thousands of dollars, then just email or call our office anytime.Happy savings!Cheers Lynn