Lynn Levitt

Never too late to make the time

I think it’s fabulous when people come back to see us after a period. I had a lovely lady with me this week that had contacted us over a year ago but just couldn’t find the time to come in and see us.

The result is that her finances, unfortunately, were in a worse state 12 months down the track. Her credit cards had not been paid off, and she had not made even a $2000 dent into her mortgage. Money was going out every which way, and she was completely overwhelmed with the fact that she was not in control of her finances.I can relate to this completely. It was 13 months from when I first made contact with Think Money, to when I sat in front of Chris. That meeting was life changing in so many ways that now four years on money and finance are what I preach and teach, getting control of it.What causes us to procrastinate and put off learning all the great new information that can change our lives?   F E A R. Otherwise known as False Expectations Appearing Real. A lot of rot really, but the unfortunate thing is it is our natural habit for survival instincts that our brain reverts to this way of thinking over 90% of the time.
How do we change? Simple take action, learn new things and get over yourself!
How do we change? Simple take action, learn new things and get over yourself! Put nicely unless you are experienced in what it is you are trying to do, then quite simply you need to hang out with someone who knows more than you. You need to learn new ways to control your finances, gain control of all those things that make you fearful and learn to manage money and create wealth the responsible way.Needless to say, the lovely lady is now happy, far less stressed, has control of her money and has a goal for a two week holiday in just a few short months. The first holiday in 5 years I am told.So if you are in control of where your money is going, and have plenty, have a great day, if not I highly recommend you make the time to come and see us.Have a great happy, fearless day.   Lynn x