Lynn Levitt

Plan For the Future

Plan for the future, because that is where you are going to spend the rest of your life. Mark Twain

It’s so incredibly important you understand that what you are doing now financially will affect everything you do in the future. It’s not necessarily about the money, it’s more about understanding investing and how money can work for you in the future.

Property investing I believe, is one of the best things we can teach ourselves and the upside of this is if you have kids they will catch the learning through osmosis!It all starts with understanding money and having a great cash management system in place. It’s just not enough to be able to pay a few bills in advance, we need to understand that you must first pay yourself and set a system in place to pay bills in full when they are due and not before. This can be a hard habit to break for all those baby boomers who were taught to pay your bills off.Paying little bits in advance and being in front all the time might make you “falsely” feel good, but how’s your long term financial plan looking? Often I see this and the cash bucket is low, the credit cards are high and the stress levels are through the roof.Our Debt Reduction and Budget tracking literally changes peoples lives quickly because we teach you the correct way to use, save and invest your money so that it works more for your family instead of the banks, Telstra, the council, the GE card so on and so on.It all starts with a plan, then we teach, then you change your money habits and presto the magic starts to commence.Come along to our Intro to Think Money on May 9 and find out for yourself.Cheers Lynn