Lynn Levitt

Remember your future!

What?? You ask…well that’s how all the successful people throughout time have achieved their goals so I suggest we get our skates on and catch up!

Seeing and feeling where you want to be is the easiest way to start a roadmap to get there. Just like how when you think about not having money and not having what you want it makes us feel yuck! Well imagine if you were already where you wanted to be? Imagine if you lived in the house of your dreams, you may already do, imagine driving the car of your dreams and living the life of your dreams.Well just like all the successful people we see that have achieved great things, it always starts with a vision or feeling and sometimes both. Walt Disney’s brother was interviewed once and the interviewer asked if he thought his brother Walt would have been disappointed as he never live to see his dream come to reality, his brother replied “The reason there is a Walt Disney is because Walt saw it before any of us” he saw it day and night in his dreams, he lived and breathed his mission to bring this work of happiness and fun to millions of families around the world.
So how can you do the same thing? Well first you have to get clear on what you want your future to look like.
How much money do you want to see in your bank account, how many properties would you like to own? How many holidays would you like to go on every year and where to? Then you need to feel like you have these things, make your life as happy and as enjoyable as you can. If getting financially fit and wealthy is something you are keen to do and take your kids on lots of trips to Disneyland then you need to get a plan and work with people who know what they are doing.Most of our Think Money clients travel frequently nearly all of them more so than what they did prior to come to Think Money.Lynn xx