Lynn Levitt

Surround yourself with the right stuff!

Just went to a fabulous motivational breakfast Friday morning and listened to 2 inspiring speakers, Steven Bradbury, ‘Last Man Standing’ and Kerri Pottharst Volleyball champion. Both of them are Olympic Gold medalists.Their tips for success and getting what you want are universal to us all. Simply put, “if you want something you haven’t got, you have to hang out with people with the same mindset”. You have to learn from people who have and are doing what you want!The best way to learn new information to help you reach your financial and personal goals no matter what they are is to come and learn in an environment with people who want the same thing. How many times have we all tried to talk to our families about investments and growing our income? How many people can recall the reaction? Most of the time this sort of conversation is met with doom, gloom and a dose of fear thrown in there.The secret to getting more money in the bank is understanding cash management and how to manage your cash better.  How to use all of your hard earned income to reduce debt and create the lifestyle of your dreams. Having a clear set of goals and taking action is where it all starts. Imagine getting into your car each day and not knowing where you are going? How successful do you think that adventure would be?Successful, wealthy people have goals, and most importantly they surround themselves with people, things, pictures and anything they can get their hands on to bring them closer to their dreams. They sometimes fail, they get held up, life gets in the way, but when you are clear on what you want there’s no stopping the person with a great positive attitude.So does it happen overnight, definitely not, does it happen quickly, for some yes and others not so. It all depends on how keen you are to create more money in your bank account as opposed to making the shareholders of the banks richer!I know I’ve got my skates on to create wealth not only for myself but my family as well.  Sorry Mr Banks!Lynn