Lynn Levitt

The Importance of Systems

As you move through the process of accumulating more properties, the paperwork and tracking can sometimes appear a little overwhelming, especially when you still have all the other bills to keep on top of and the day to day running of the household and/or a business.

Tracking the body corporate fees, rental statements and so on is achievable when you chunk it down. When I am organised and using the system it falls into place and the feeling of being in control of my money is great.

New habits take time and have to be done on a regular basis to create a change in behaviour. Little by little each day, by doing a small amount of filing, sorting and organising can save hours of heartache and arguments nearing tax time, when it’s time to get everything together.

Start small, start today. Gather your bills, statements and receipts then simply file them in the Think Money folders.

From there once you get used to having everything at your fingers tips it makes it very hard to go back to bad habits.

Being organised assists with a positive mindset and clarity. You don’t have to be OCD, mind you that’s not a bad thing when it comes to figures, however, just knowing where things are in a folder can be a big relief!

Lynn x