Lynn Levitt

Think and Grow Wealthy!

Creating wealth is like a profession, unless you have been taught the basic steps and skills to make it happen, you perhaps won’t get there as fast as some others. Mindset plays a critical aspect in wealth creation, yet it’s one thing so many of us overlook.

Learning the best way to cash manage your money, pay down debt to increase equity is something that I certainly wasn’t taught at school. I was taught all those wonderful maths equations that to this day I have not had to use. Mindset is something that has to be trained in as well. The ability to think rationally and learn new things in a fun environment is something we specialise in here at Think Money.Move that a step forward to when you have properties in your portfolio, and we continue with the education on not sweating the small stuff. This is essential to staying sane! Creating wealth sometimes may not be the easiest thing to do but it is most definitely worth it in the long run.Long-term wealth creation plans utilising property always win hands down. I have seen this now in my experience and those of hundreds of our clients. It’s the clients who don’t sweat the small stuff like changes in rents, markets and careers that are the happiest and interestingly enough the most successful.We aim to teach our clients that you must have a long-term objective when it comes to investing in property, and this is first achieved by understanding debt reduction to correctly reduce your home mortgage and or investment debt.Consistency wins out. Those who show up regularly when they can, and make wealth creation important are the ones who move easily from property to property whilst improving their lifestyle at the same time. People who procrastinate and don’t show up often end up missing out.Life is forever moving with careers, kids, relationships, and the property market. The one thing that is certain is if you surround yourself with the right people and learn new things and take action the rewards are endless.Lynn xx