Lynn Levitt

About Change

I can tell you from experience and I am sure most other life travellers will agree, it is much easier to be willing to change yourself and your ways rather than to try and change those around us!

Gee wiz if it were only that simple. How do you do this though? How do we ride that wave of trying to change things in our own lives whilst those around us perhaps may not be as keen to come along for the ride? Anyone with teenagers will get that sentence in a flash! Often we see this behaviour in adults, particularly in couples, it’s quite natural really the Ying and Yang.

I can only speak from experience and it pretty much comes down to always having to put my big girl boots on and walk through the storm. I don’t so much now drag people kicking and screaming with me, that’s code for “trying to change them to my ways”!! However I do tend to take more of the curious approach by often acknowledging that I find their comments and objections extremely interesting and sometimes entertaining and with that I then delete them from my mind!

It has not been my experience to date that anything worthwhile that I have achieved in my life, has not come without a price attached to it. Learning about creating wealth, having the courage and confidence to create a property portfolio takes time, commitment and a sound mentor. The price paid can sometimes present itself being the butt of family concerns or friends trying to talk me out of it because they were fearful for me.

When we surround ourselves with people we love it’s only natural they want to protect us and try and steer us in the right direction, as we also do to others, but the basic rule is if you want something different then you must lead the way yourself and you must surround yourself with like minded people as to make that journey enjoyable.

I challenge anyone that comes on board as a client and commits themselves to our education program not to agree with me…. in fact I love it when people don’t agree with me and you know what…. I won’t even try and change your mind.  

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