Lynn Levitt

About Credit Cards

Who doesn’t like credit cards?

We love credit cards at Think Money. The trick is you have to be taught to use them wisely. Credit cards are actually a great tool in money management as long as you can pay them out each month and pay no interest.Having a cash management plan or a detailed budget for planning your income and expenses is a vital part of reducing debt. It also keeps you on track so that you don’t overspend on your credit card and that you have the money at the end of the interest free term to pay it out.”We do not advocate maintaining credit card debt and paying high interest, rather we like to train our clients to use credit cards wisely. By using your credit card the way we teach you and sticking to your monthly budget, you will be able to fast track your mortgage by paying it off quicker.Sounds too good to be true! It’s not and many of our clients have success stories using this method.So if you think you could be doing better financially, if you think you would like a little less stress in your life, why not come along to one of our functions and find out exactly how it’s done. Chris Childs will happily explain it to you, what have you got to lose? Oh yeah that’s right debt!!!Our next function is Tuesday 2nd September 6:45pm for 7pm start. Simply go to our website and click on events for the latest timetable and details about each event.Lynn Levitt – Think Money Wealth Coach and Goal Mapping Expert.