Lynn Levitt

About doing something different

It’s really quite amazing how often we do not want to hear what is actually good for us. How we can change some habits that may be preventing us from reaching our goals and doing the things we want to do.
When we feel uncomfortable and unsure of ourselves it is very hard to accept new information to move forward. Often it results in an outcome of not really feeling like you have actually achieved anything.
I often hear from clients, rather new clients, that they have tried their hand in property investing, tried budgeting but nothing has worked. They are left feeling like they cannot achieve what everyone else has. When I work with these clients I simply ask them did they try it once or several times? Did they really do it correctly or did they have a go, it got too hard and they gave up? Blamed the program, the software, the hubby and the wife or kids and still just gave up? Well of course it’s really easy not to succeed if you are just going to give up every time things get tough. ” 
The difference between moving forward and staying stuck is the ability to keep DOING something. Keep asking questions, try a new software package, work with someone who knows what they are doing and most importantly instead of telling everyone you know why you can’t have what you want, start asking yourself “who do I need to be with to get what I want?” “Who can I learn from?”’; repeat, repeat, repeat and then just like magic the rainbow appears.
The biggest thing from here on in is to then DO what they are doing. Don’t keep doing what you are doing because quite frankly if you are there’s a good chance you’re still not succeeding.
If you want something different you have to DO DO DO and DO something different. 
Lynn Levitt – Think Money Wealth Coach and Goal Mapping Expert.