Lynn Levitt

About Funds Allocation – Budget Bootcamp

About Funds Allocation – Budget Bootcamp

What a fantastic night we had last night at Budget Bootcamp. How exciting is it when you get to hear first hand how to do your budget correctly and more importantly learn how to understand the decision making behind your spending.

Like many people I was always complaining that I did not have enough cash to spare but it actually wasn’t until I really got focused that I realized “Oh my God I was right, I don’t have any cash to spare!!” But alas it all worked out in the end and as I became more focused on where my money was going it became easier and smarter to make better decisions. These new decisions of course lead to better cash flow, more money in the bank and well the rest is history.

Budget Bootcamp is a fantastic program that we run in house here for our clients that want to move from being cash strapped to wealthy and wise. Our funds allocation software that Chris breezes through with her eyes closed, helps you understand how to account for your money and make sure all the time it is allocated correctly.

Making sure you have the right loan and the right financial platform is all a part of what we do here at Think Money.”

So before you go and spend all your money on Easter eggs are you sure you know where that money is? Why not book in for a free wealth coaching session?