Lynn Levitt

About getting your desired result.

Ground Hog day! It’s really about constantly hitting the reset button!  
I refer to one of my favourite movies ‘Ground Hog Day’. It tells a story about how every day is the same day until he improves his mindset. As his mindset starts to change so does his way of looking at things, contribution and of course the result he gets is something that he could not have imagined when he first started the journey! A great light hearted approach to looking at things differently. 
So what does that have to do with Think Money? Well for one, each day you need to continue on your wealth creation journey by doing something towards the desired result. It’s the getting up, making yourself get focused and taking action that makes the difference.
At one of our most recent client functions a lovely client asked “I have the computer page open on the budget, I have all my receipts, I know what I have to do but I just can’t do it – what do I do?” Our reply was “do it!!” It really is as simple as that, but I think quite often we try to make the doing too complicated. This leads to procrastination and nil result!” 
Just like budgeting there is no magic fairy. If you are spending more than you earn, or worse not understanding where your money is going, you will most likely if not already, become very frustrated and annoyed with your life. Whilst getting clarity and focus at first can appear to be scary, by sticking to the plan and following the strategies will give you a desired result. A bit like the movie ‘Ground Hog Day’; repeat, repeat, repeat and then just like magic the rainbow appears.
Of course we know it’s not magic. It’s good education, good coaching and persistence by both the coach and the client to keep on track.
So if you are not on track, if you have lost your way, get the movie out, learn the lessons and most importantly stick to the Think Money strategies. They will change your life whether you know it or not. 
Happy Ground Hog Day!
Lynn Levitt – Think Money Wealth Coach and Goal Mapping Expert.