Lynn Levitt

about keeping in check with your Wealth Coach

As Christmas slowly creeps up on us…yeah right, personally I feel it’s bearing down like a freight train! Where has the year gone? How can Christmas only be 4 weeks away?-
So now is the time to reflect over your financial success for the 2013 year. What have you achieved? What financial goals have you kicked? It’s important that no matter how small your financial step may have been, that you recognise that you have actually achieved change.
Small changes consistently done is what makes it easier for us when we need to make the bigger decisions to change our circumstances. If what you have been doing this last year has not brought you the results that you would have liked, what do you think you could be doing differently? What seminar can you go to or what book can you read to learn more? Do you have a coach or mentor? It’s in the learning of new knowledge that creates the mindset for change. Sometimes reading a book or attending a seminar isn’t enough, we need the regular coaching.
With knowledge and new experiences comes the confidence that gives us what we need to keep moving forward. Whether that is paying off credit card debt, reducing your mortgage or investing in property it all takes action and a learning experience and sometimes someone to hold you accountable to your dreams and goals.
Avoiding mistakes is what we all set out to do, but I am sure most of you reading this article, like me you have made a few mistakes to date. The trick is to not beat yourself up but to ask the question, “Knowing what I now know, what could I do differently?” Learning can only be achieved if we remain open to new opinions and new ideas. 
If we learn from people who are where we want to be and educate ourselves on how they did it, then anything is possible. Yes it can be scary but seriously do you want to live a life with a glass half empty or one where it’s over flowing? Personally I will take the latter. If you don’t have a mentor or wealth coach then quite simply you are holding up your journey. A wealth coach will push you to where you need to go and make sure that all your ducks are in order to help you achieve your goals…and then some. If you have never worked with a coach, particularly a wealth coach I recommend you try this experience and if it’s not the best few hours you have spent in a long time you can drop me a line and list all the reasons why it won’t work for you! 
So when is your next wealth coaching session?
Lynn Levitt – Think Money Wealth Coach and Goal Mapping Expert.