Lynn Levitt

About Living Your Life in Columns

It is always so incredibly interesting to listen and watch Chris Childs in action.

Most recently Chris has been focusing on making sure everyone understands how much fun having your life in columns can be…what surprises me the most is I think she could be right, again!
Rule no 1 here at Think Money is to separate your life from your Investments. It’s simple and it works. When you have a column for your personal life and a column for your investments, and your banking structure is set up Chris Child’s style, you never ever have to stress again about how you are going to manage the holding costs for one or more properties.”

But wait there is more. Chris returned from a great fun lunch yesterday with some of her ‘besties’ sprouting about how wonderful it is that her life is organized and in columns, and she has a really wide column for fun. I listened whilst she talked to some clients about their life. I watched them soak up the education about separating their personal expenses, investment portfolio, Superannuation and in this case a business as well. It was extremely clear to me that they were not just relieved but excited when they left the office. Excited about what is possible. What was even more rewarding is that Chris was excited as well, as she is all the time when she changes the way people think about Money. Chris had showed them that by keeping their finances separate, sorting out bank accounts, and making it crystal clear that in addition to expanding their property portfolio, they could plan their next overseas holiday in their fun column.

I don’t know many people that like looking at figures and doing their budget and setting goals, but I do know many clients now who are succeeding week after week by following just this one simple rule that Chris runs her life by.

Question… is your life nicely organized in columns or are you sitting in one big column of confusion?

Feel free to come in anytime and have a chat about how to organize your life so you too can have a great big fun column! Book a free coaching session today!