Lynn Levitt

About “NOW”

One of things l’ve learnt very quickly in the last year, when dealing with clients of Think Money on the happy side of 50, is that everyone seems to have a story about friends who purchased property many, many years ago who now tell of the rewards of having held that property.- 
The benefits of holding property through all types of economic cycles and personal financial challenges is that they can now reap the rewards of equity in the tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.
One reason people don’t hold on is because in most cases they don’t know how to separate their personal finances from their investment finances. This is a critical aspect of any successful property portfolio. Knowing how to manage the holding costs, understanding that rental returns may vary from property to property, is just some of the valuable education we focus on at Think Money.
We aim to educate our clients as to take the stress out of what you don’t have, to allow you to focus more on what could have and what you could create through great knowledge and strategies.
Lynn Levitt – Think Money Wealth Coach and Goal Mapping Expert.