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Wealth Retreat Excitement!

What a great weekend it’s going to be this weekend! A full house of like-minded clients all in one room listening to the wealth creation strategies that Chris Childs lives by. The four rules!

Rule 1 – Separate your life from your investments.
Rule 2 – Buy new not old.
Rule 3 – Interest only loans.
Rule 4 – Never, never, never sell!

Couple that with the property research and experience that Jack Childs brings to the table and you have an unbeatable system.

Understanding your banking and how to manage your money are the fundamental keys to a successful wealth creation plan. Putting the property into that plan is the easy part. Too many people get hung up on the selection process! Why waste valuable time procrastinating when you have a team to guide and support you to the right property. Select, purchase and sit back and wait for the magic to happen!

Staying on top of your budget and making sure you are not spending more than you are earning are serious elements of putting together a good property portfolio and that’s the financial education that Think Money provide. It’s so fantastic when you see clients start to get it! First it’s shock and then it’s awe!

Stay tuned to the Think Money blog and website. We will have lots of new information from our clients and their journeys to share with you in the next few weeks. After all, this is what we encourage at Think Money, discussion and sharing of ideas. We want to educate our clients to wealth.

So to all our lovely clients coming on the weekend “can’t wait to see you!” and for those whom are not yet clients, what are you waiting for!;

Goal for 2015 – 7 properties – Lynn Levitt, educator and successful property investor thanks to Think Money.

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