Lynn Levitt

Are you Good with money?

Successful budgeting does not come down to being great with figures, it comes down to a simple practice of taking a small amount of time out of your day, each day to take note where your money is going. Paying attention to where we are spending our money is ultimately what sets us up for creating a new healthy habit to budget better and save. Saving the little bits here and there over any period of time will lead to a cash positive outcome. When we have a cash surplus and we keep adding to this, whilst attracting even a small amount of interest, then this is where the greatness of compounding starts to come into effect.
The same can be said for the other end of the scale. If you have someone helping you set up your bank accounts correctly and teaching you how to pay off your home loan or investment loan in a smart way, the same result will happen, rather than taking 25 years to pay of your loan. You will ultimately end up with more cash in your hands and this is added to the fabulous bonus of equity growing in your property. Smart hey? It’s a learned behaviour and that’s what we do at Think Money, teach you how to create good healthy money habits.
At Think Money we pride ourselves on Wealth Creation through Property. The difference is, we start with the habits that need to change and work on them slowly by supporting and assisting you to make the changes to a more cash positive place.
It’s not rocket science. It’s just a simple process of monitoring what you are doing with your money. Focus, take action and see the results for yourself.
Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want more cash and less “consumer debt”?