Lynn Levitt

Mindset… What mindset?

Mindset…what mindset? 
What does it take to create lasting change with our finances? From my experience if you are not financially where you want to be then the answer to this question is mindset. 
Mindset can be the challenge that most of us have when we need to change something. Not many of us like to feel uncomfortable so when it comes to doing new things, even though they could be the very best idea for us, until we feel at ease it can make it difficult to take that first step.
This is very much like wealth creation. This is a learned behavior that unfortunately wasn’t and still isn’t really taught in most schools. So we grow up with fixed ideas about a 25-year mortgage, getting that paid off and then ahhh then we can relax!” 
Getting a good mindset, starts with remaining open to new ideas and trying new things. Hanging out with people who have a good positive mindset is a great way to move yourself forward in whatever area you choose to focus on. Here at Think Money we focus on creating a great mindset to generate wealth. Along the way there are loads of laughs, great food, the odd glass of wine and ohhh yes the chocolates!
Who said creating wealth was hard work – just change your mindset! 
Lynn Levitt – Think Money Wealth Coach and Goal Mapping Expert.