Lynn Levitt

My Top 4

What a great week of learning its been! Here is my top 4:
1. BANKS – Isn’t is amazing what the banks don’t tell us. I learned this week that when the bank fears they may lose you as a customer they suddenly start offering you better deals and suggest better loan structures. Makes you wonder why they didn’t offer it sooner – or better still suggest it when you originally applied.
2. PROPERTY GROWTH – How fantastic was it to see that in such a short period of time the properties that Jack presents in his property presentations have increased in value. I watched this week a presentation on Clonclurry, Bowen and Maroochydore just to name a few! and the prices had all gone up since I saw them when I first joined. It was so exciting to see the increase in property wealth actually happening 
3. LINE OF CREDIT – I learned this week what a difference it makes when you bank correctly and use the interest free period on your credit card properly! Wow the cash grows and the debt goes. 
4. CASH MANAGEMENT PLAN – What was life like before we learned how to manage our cash properly though the TM Cash Management plan. I learned the more organised you get with your money the more you seem to have. Go figure! What a massive difference it makes to your life when there’s money in the bank and bills are paid on time. 
Hope you have a great week – look forward to seeing you soon. Feel free to contact me anytime if you need a ‘check up from the neck up!’
Lynn Levitt – Think Money Wealth Coach and Goal Mapping Expert.