Lynn Levitt

Practice what you Preach

Chris Childs practices what she preaches! 18 properties in 9 years and still going. By simply learning new information and re-applying it to her own life, Chris and Jack have gone on to amass over 9 million dollars in equity in 9 years without using a cent of their own money.  plan would be very bleak.
Does she work hard..yes..does she love what she does? ABSOLUTELY. And what we do know is if you are loving what you do for a living then life is one huge enjoyable ride and money just flows. Chris is amazing to listen to and learn from. She shares every ounce of knowledge and kindness with her clients and colleagues.
Listening to the DVD’s, attending the workshops and keeping in touch with the team at the office is the best way to ensure you are creating and maintaining a great mindset.If you feel like a catch up at any time, just send a text, email, call or just pop in. Always great coffee and yummy treats on hand here at Think Money and we love seeing you!
Lynn Levitt – Think Money Wealth Coach and Goal Mapping Expert.