Lynn Levitt

The Proof is in the Pudding

So many great clients come through the doors here at Think Money and what a pleasure it has been, now 15 months on to see so many achieving their dreams and goals for financial success.- 
Clients moving from 1 property to 2 to 3 and then still asking Chris how can I organize my money to get my 4th!! Credit to these enthusiastic clients who are prepared to stick their necks out and hear loads of information that may not always make them feel great…to start with anyway.
When you have been doing the same thing day in day out, year after year and find in most cases that you are not even standing still but going backwards financially, it takes great courage and commitment to make change. To make these changes you need new information. Not always is new information going to be easy to hear and often we need to hear this information 2 or 3 times for it to make sense..
Our recent Wealth Retreat held here on the Sunshine Coast to over 140 clients of our Midas Program was an excellent opportunity for like minded people to talk to one another about what they were doing and most importantly what new information they have learnt and what they could pass on to the new clients. Sometimes just a laugh and a wink knowing what’s in store for them as their world takes off before their very eyes!
Hosted by Chris Childs the event proved yet again that when you surround yourself with experts, get clear on what you want and follow the strategy, miracles happen! You do actually get what you want and wonderfully so, much more sometimes. Is it easy? … No way!! Is it worth it? … most definitely!! Just check out our Wealth Retreat posts on Facebook to see for yourself.
Congratulations to all our valued clients who have had such great success in the last 12 months and for the few who were unable to attend we look forward to seeing you at Think soon for some of our great coffee.
Lynn Levitt – Think Money Wealth Coach and Goal Mapping Expert.