Lynn Levitt

The Success Team

Are you using the success team at Think Money? Learning about how to do your banking correctly when you have re-financed (weave your way through the paperwork and new cards the banks send), can leave you feeling a little outside of your comfort zone and most of us don’t like the feeling of being overwhelmed. The challenge is that when this emotion kicks in, it often blocks healthy thought process.
Being a Think Money client means you have access to a whole team of experts and professionals anytime you need them. Chris has a rule that applies to all of her clients “when in doubt about ANYTHING call or text her!” She really means this, as I have done this myself in June last year at 10pm at night. Craig and I had a few challenges with the banks trying to get our loan approved for our first investment property. I called on Chris at different stages when I felt things got stuck or I felt we had no idea what we were doing. Chris put our minds at rest every time and took the uncertainty out of the situation.
Receiving documents from solicitors, forms from finance and property contracts can be daunting if you are not used to handling them all the time. So, always the best thing to do is call Think Money or come in. The team here can go through any forms with you, work out what needs to be done and get it done for you most times faster than the time you would spend worrying about it. 
That’s one of the many great things about Think Money, there is always someone to assist. 
Lynn Levitt – Think Money Wealth Coach and Goal Mapping Expert.