Lynn Levitt

about tax…counting down

Ahhh….breathing space you may think…I don’t think so!! It’s getting ready for Tax time! Yes that’s right folks time to get out your property portfolios, accounts, expenses, pay slips, receipts and all sorts of wonderful little things we can find to claim, legitimately of course, to assist you with your Tax. plan would be very bleak.
I am finally getting to the pointy end of the stick where my property is nearly ready to be rented, nearly ready for tenants and after making sure all my insurances are in place, Chris cries out..Time to get ready for Tax Time!!! Like she’s excited about it because it’s one of our VIP events!!! See that’s why I need her because she loves this stuff!
I dived under my desk and thought if I stayed there long enough she would not find me but alas the magnet of cup cakes and great coffee drew me out. As a client of Think Money, attending the specialty workshops has put me in a great place for the first time in my life of being almost completely prepared for the tax man. Because I have loveeeeeeddddd doing my budget, because I have spread the love through all my expenses, receipts and logged them into my little budget tracker accordingly, I am happy to say I am not that worried! First time ever.
In addition to this Chris will put in order all my folders, partly because she does not like the way I file and partly because I do not file very well. This is a service that she does because she cares enough about our clients to ensure their lives are made as ‘stress free’ as possible at this time of year.!
So my tips for a stress free tax time:
• Have a nice bottle of wine handy or scotch.
• Dust off your Think Money folders and start putting your accounts and receipts in where you think they should go. 
• Book an appointment to see Chris and bring the folders with you, as she will give you the best filing lesson you have ever had in your life. 
• Get all of your other receipts and call our office to make an appointment to see our accountant who specialises in property. He will be here for appointments early in June, when our Wealth Retreat will focus on Tax, and then again in July. We also have 2 Tax Workshops planned for 5th June & 10th July.
So my fellow right brainers, pull your socks up, dive in, get everything together, have a glass of wine, and make sure you book in to see Chris particularly if you have property. It’s time to get some money back! Yehhh.Till Next Week
Lynn Levitt – Think Money Wealth Coach and Goal Mapping Expert.