Lynn Levitt

Who are you learning from?

Your goal of investing should be to increase your monthly cash flow and drive appreciation in your assets. In real estate investing, for instance, many investors make the mistake of spending too much to upgrade their properties in ways that typically don’t provide a return on their investment. At Think Money, we educate on making sure your money is working for you – not you working for it! The best real estate is non emotional. Are you emotionally attached to your renovation or are you focused on creating wealth? 
In the decision to increase your wealth or become educated, what exactly are you doing to assist this process? Have you thought about your 5 year plan? So much can be done and achieved in 5 years, but often we focus only on where we are now and don’t seem to believe we can change things….
When was the last time you went along to a function or workshop to learn something new? Are you standing still or are you moving forward? Sometimes the best information you can learn and use is not always the stuff you want to hear! Often though it can be the motivator to move us forward to do something different.
So how are you going to set yourself up for 2014? For success or failure? The people who set themselves up for success are the ones who are working and being educated by people who already have what they want. They have proven their methods and their knowledge is sound. People like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Robert Kiyosaki, just to name a few are people who often quote great mentors and others they watched and admired.
Hosted by Chris Childs the event proved yet again that when you surround yourself with experts, get clear on what you want and follow the strategy, miracles happen! You do actually get what you want and wonderfully so, much more sometimes. Is it easy? … No way!! Is it worth it? … most definitely!! Just check out our Wealth Retreat posts on Facebook to see for yourself.
Who are you learning from?
Lynn Levitt – Think Money Wealth Coach and Goal Mapping Expert.