Chris Childs

What’s Up at Think Money?

Christmas and holidays are distant memories, time to get into 2018 and WOW are we getting into it!

Update on My BIG Money Goal:

My BIG Money Goal launches on the 1st of February with the initial 12-week challenge. There are four challenges throughout the year and two or three mini sprints per month within the challenges. It will get your finance fit and keep it that way.

We are so excited with the program and we know you are going to love it. It will be launched to all of our current clients before 1st February. (if you haven’t received any information yet – check you have had your annual review with Chris for 2018 membership)

At time of writing – the app is still in development but getting closer and closer… I have been testing it and helping find and detect the BUGS.  It will hopefully be ready to launch within a week or so… (but I have been promised that before J – I am not sweating the small stuff – and it’s all small stuff, and not worrying about the uncontrollable – and as I am not an app developer I am not in control J so all good – it WILL happen so happy to wait)


We have already held half a dozen events at Think Money – and have a dozen more booked before the end of February.

The Wealth Retreat on the 10th being our highlight for February!

Charmaine (my beautiful strong lady daughter) thrilled at our Strong Goals event on the 20th of January, and launched our ‘Amazing 4’ – Goals 4 Wealth series for 2018.

  • Goal Mapping (Brian Mayne Version) – presented by Claire
  • The Passion Test – and how it helped create Think Money – presented by me (CC)
  • Smart Goals, Dumb Goals and Mini Habits – presented by me (CC)
  • And we will continue with Charmaine’s STRONG GOALS during the year as well
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The other new editions to our Client events are:

  • Success Team – staring our amazing troupe of professionals.
    • Pippa Colman – Pippa Colman and Associates. Specialising in Wills, Enduring power of attorney’s, Family Law and all things legal.
    • Stuart Brown – Property Manager Extraordinaire. Stuart teaches everything there is to know about managing your properties effectively and profitably.

Our Success Team event nights will keep our clients well educated in all areas of property knowledge, keep you updated with financial and legal information and help you cover your butts!

  • Money Talks. Money Talks is our new program for young achievers, we are encouraging young adults to learn the benefits of financial intelligence.  Everything from how to save for their first home, the best way to save for or finance a car, the pitfalls of credit cards, budgeting, money management and savings plans.  Money Talks will be presented for young people by young people – so they can more easily relate and take on the information. – initially I put this together to assist our clients children however, by popular demand it has grown to become its own program utilising My BIG Money Goal and our Think Budget App.
  • Our existing events – Budget Bootcamp, Organised Owners, Think Wealth 4 Women and our Property Showcase presented by Think Investment Realty have all undergone huge revamps and are going to rock it this year.

We can’t wait to see you regularly at these events. Success comes from your involvement and commitment to learning.