Melinda Huurdeman



With the current evolving situation with Covid 19 it is understandable that we should be feeling uneasy and financially vulnerable, who wouldn’t. Thankfully with all the things we have learnt at Think Money and in particular setting up the right financial platform and getting control of our money, I’m confident we can ride this out. My husband said the other day, what are we going to do if our tenants lose their jobs and cannot pay their rent? For a split second I was fearful, but then said, we will still be able to pay the mortgages from the POT and instead of paying down debt, its likely we will have to top up the pot instead. Sure we will not be as far ahead in paying down debt as we had hoped, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dust ourselves off and get going again in hopefully the not too distant future. This will not go on forever!! We know where we can cut back if needed as we know where our money goes. Don’t be afraid to reach out to Chris or Claire if you need help.

The panic buying is causing more panic than necessary but I believe it will calm down if we do. Just got to lead by example, stay positive, be informed as knowledge is power and remember to be kind.