Budget Bootcamp

Finance Fitness Program exclusive to Think Money Clients

We realise that many of our clients find implementing the necessary budgeting tools to stay on track a challenge, especially setting a budget and sticking to it. We also know that getting started is at times difficult. With this in mind we have created Budget Bootcamp to make budgeting easy and fun and to help you change your debt mindset and make those changes you’ve also wanted to make but were never quite sure how to start.

At Think Money we are your support team and by coming to Budget Bootcamp you will realise that budgeting is easier than you think and will become part of your daily habits and your new lifestyle.

Join our Budget Bootcamp evenings every month to get:

  • Budget tips and tools
  • Understanding Think Money’s Budget tracker
  • How to create great money management habits
  • Simple tips for saving
  • The support you need to keep going each month

Look for our next Budget Bootcamp Event.

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