Dependable Mortgage Broker Services on the Sunshine Coast

We recommend F24 Finance

Whether you’re buying your first home, slowly building a property portfolio, or looking to refinance your existing property, finding the right finance deal can be exhausting, and frustrating. You may have been with – and trust – the same financial institution for years. They may even have given you your first home loan. But that doesn’t mean they’ll have the best deal for you now.

Using the services of a mortgage broker is a convenient way to find and compare multiple home finance offers to find the one that most closely matches your needs, and your abilities. And with mortgage brokers being responsible for more than half the home loans in Australia, you know it’s a wise choice to make.

What you can expect a mortgage broker to do

F24 Finance is a mortgage broker company. A mortgage broker is a specialist financial adviser, with their area of expertise being home loans. While a mortgage broker doesn’t offer home loans, they do act as an intermediary between you – the homebuyer – and lenders offering home finance.

At F24 Finance, their mortgage broker services include first analysing your financial status. This is an important and necessary step which allows us to establish your credit worthiness, and the type of home loan suitable for you.

Home loans are not a one-size-fits-all product, and neither is their service.

Once they have a clear understanding of your means, and the type of home loan that would suit you, they switch to engaging with multiple financial institutions to find a range of options for you. While they typically don’t consult with all the home loan providers on the market, they focus on those more aligned with your requirements.

They like to understand the goals of their clients, so that they can offer individualised advice, and help you make the right choice.

As a leading Sunshine Coast mortgage broker, they will help with the management of your application, from the paperwork, through to following up on queries, and more.

What makes F24 Fianance the most dependable mortgage brokers the Sunshine Coast has to offer?

They understand their position as mortgage brokers. They are an intermediary or bridge between homebuyers and home loan providers. They don’t simply help you find a home loan, they help you find a range of home loans tailored to your circumstances and needs. And they do this for first-time homebuyers, and experienced homebuyers.

  • They provide honest and reliable advice to first-time homebuyers, and anyone lacking in confidence in dealing with financial institutions and the mortgage industry.
  • They are industry veterans who can always be depended on to find you the best mortgage deal that perfectly matches your needs, and is accommodating to your situation.

They are dependable because they have been doing this for years. Lyell and his team have more than 60 years combined experience in the mortgage and finance industry.