Top 5 Life Hacks

My Top 5 Life Hacks

Learn how to save money and reduce debt without reducing your lifestyle.

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There are so many times when we have tried to save money and ended up putting our money on a diet. Without superhuman willpower – dieting just doesn’t work – for weight reduction or debt reduction.

The reason for this is simple. We hate restriction, we hate going without and while we may cope with this for a while, we often only last a little while and then say, ‘stuff it’ and break out. Then we go back to square one again.

It’s just like they say when you want to lose weight – it needs to be a lifestyle change (eyes often roll at this one) but, turns out it’s true… The same can be said for saving money or reducing debt. Sometimes just a few simple steps are all it takes to make a momentous difference. The biggest trick is finding the leakage and wastage of money oozing from your life that, if you plug the flow, doesn’t reduce your lifestyle. It is simple, easy to do and amazingly few people actually do it.

One of the biggest ways to make a difference is by reducing your grocery bill. The reason we start here is 30% of our money usually goes on food, and most households actually throw out 24-30% of everything they buy! Saving at the grocery checkout is an easy way to refill your wallet!

This ebook is about my top 5 ways to make a difference – we hope you enjoy them. We am sure there are many, many more. Feel free to let us know your favourite life hacks that save you money!

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