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If residential property has a history of capital growth and an ongoing increasing rental return, why don’t some investors succeed?

Often it is a combination of reasons:

  • Poor property selection – Buying emotionally, near where they live, holiday or want to retire
  • Incorrect loan structures – Mixing personal and investment money which creates a drain on their personal finances.
  • Lack of research and education – Getting the wrong advice, often from friends family and books by American authors which lead to wrong decisions.
  • Buying or selling out of cycle – The media create drama, misinformation, fear and enthusiasm rarely in sync with the actual market.

The property mastery workshop will solve all of these success squashers!

Known | Proven | Trusted

Think Investment Realty has been teaching people the secrets of Fast Debt Reduction and Wealth through Property on the Sunshine Coast for the past 9 years. Jack Childs has more than 40 years experience in these fields and thousands of clients who owe their wealth and success to the methods they have been taught by Jack and his team or property experts.

For the very first time, they are combining to bring to the public a half day workshop based on the style of their Client Wealth Retreats, which form the mainstay of their client education program.

At This Event You Will Learn


How to set your Financial Platform

To manage the holding costs of investment properties without reducing your lifestyle.


Create your personal success team

To find a range of elite professionals in each key area: Finance, Property, Superannuation, Asset Protection, Research, Education and more.


Property Research

To discover the secret of deep research and the essential benefits of getting the right property at the right time.


Property Strategy

To learn how to set your structures and plans for your future wealth and retirement.



To hear how you can actually access your superannuation to expand and accelerate your property portfolio.


Find the right Herd

To meet and network with like-minded investors so you don’t have to feel isolated.


Reduce Fear

To build resilience by education,
fear comes from lack of knowledge, building a strong knowledge base ensures continued success.

Property Wealth Mastery Workshop
Property Wealth Mastery WorkshopProperty Wealth Mastery WorkshopProperty Wealth Mastery Workshop

Upcoming Property Wealth Mastery Workshops

There are no upcoming events - check back soon.

Some of the speakers include

Jack Childs

Jack Childs

36 years experience in the home improvement and building industry has made Jack an expert at managing builders and contracts. This gives his clients the best price and finish on every property purchase. Combining this elite skill with his experience in property research, Jack ensures maximum property results with little personal effort required by his investors.

Lyell Cochrane

Lyell Cochrane

A combination of many years of banking experience, as well as 15 plus years in financial control and Mortgage Broking under his belt, Lyell and his award winning team of brokers certainly know banks and their lending criteria. Their ability to match the best bank to the clients’ needs, and getting the banks to say yes to our clients requirements is their super power.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Don’t miss this value-packed workshop where we combine the latest information and access to experts in the field!

The Property Wealth Workshop is designed for people just like you, who want to learn how to create a property portfolio to improve their lifestyle today and build an exciting and wealthy retirement.

There are no upcoming events - check back soon.