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by Kerry Phairs on Think Money

I was petrified of buying a property let alone building a house. It was the first time I had done this without my husband, he always did the buying and selling.

One meeting with Chris gave me the confidence and best of all the comfort of knowing I could do this and I wasn’t having to do it alone. True to her word, the team have held my hand through the entire process, ensuring I am informed every single step of the way. I feel in total control but I don’t have to worry or be bogged down with the details. Honestly it couldn’t be easier. I now have the confidence to know that anything is possible.

The team at Think Money are family. Jack and Chris honestly have your best interest at heart. This ethos flows through to the staff. Every single person in the team is there for you. It is rare in this world to find a more honest, caring and loyal group of people. It is an honour to be associated with Think Money.

by Stuart & Sue Le Busque on Think Money

Raising a family and trying to get ahead is difficult, there is always something that comes up that eats away at any progress you have made. It always seemed that no matter how hard we worked it was never enough.

After Sue and I met with Think Money we realised it didn’t need to be difficult. In fact, it is surprisingly simple. Chris showed us how to do our banking and prevent those little hurdles from derailing our goals. In a few months we have got control of our money and already bought two investment properties. We finally feel that we are getting ahead and we don’t get stressed about the little things.

Every time we have been in to see Think Money, everyone is so positive and focused on helping us. If only we had started doing this earlier

by Thor & Kate Koschel on Think Money

Thor and I made the easy decision to engage Think Money back in October 2015. While we were achieving our goals, we knew we had to act quickly to accelerate our retirement plan. Think Money have been amazing!

They have taken all the hard work and stress out the whole process from the beginning. We have since purchased two properties we feel so excited about. It is like having a personal assistant!

Having run my own business for over 13 years and with Thor being away on a four-week-on one-week-off roster, I was ready to hand the reins over to someone else, so I could focus on what was important, our family! Their professionalism, attention to detail and old fashion customer service has been such a comfort. We look forward to the journey ahead with Think Money by our side

by Janet & Ross Cullen on Think Money

We joined Think Money in November 2015. We’d moved from NZ four years ago hoping to break into the property market but had sat on our deposit for three years because we weren’t sure the right way to go. In NZ, we owned and tried to invest, but it was all too hard so we sold and moved on. We didn’t want to get it wrong again.

After speaking to Think Money I was confident there was light at the end of the tunnel. “I know it can be seen as unfair pressure on Janet’s behalf, with me away every 4-6 weeks and only able to share just the full week to help keep everything in order. But then, that’s where Think Money have come in to their own for us”, said Ross.

To have Melissa meet with Janet each month has  played an enormous part in our ultimate success. Think Money makes personal contact when and where necessary so that my own worries from across the continent can be averted.

I hear fellow FIFO workers talking of pressures at home and I share everything I know about Think Money, if they are willing to listen.

Think Money means ‘THINK SUCCESS’ to us, and we’re in it for the long haul

by David & Cathy Obst on Think Money

Reaching this stage of our financial journey so quickly was most unexpected. We became clients of Think Money 18 months ago. A friend of ours had joined and was telling us how exciting and easy it was, she said, ‘Just go, you don’t have to do anything’, so we did and here we are.

I remember coming in and talking to Lynn initially, who told us all about the products and what was possible. I liked the fact that she said each program is tailored to the individual, some move quickly, some take a little longer and that’s okay. It’s all about your own personal experience.

There is no way I thought we would be at this stage after 18 months. I thought we would have to attain 10 or 20 properties before we could take it easy but as Chris told us, knowing when to stop buying property is just as important.

What I love most about Think Money is the ease of the approach and the relaxed way in which the information is presented so you can understand and grasp it. If you continue with the program and listen to what’s been said and take it on board, it works. Putting into action what you have been taught is the key.

There are so many people out there who are adverse to change but I would say just do it. Embrace it. Their methods certainly put your banking and mindset on its head and we took a little while to grasp the concept, but without hesitation we followed the golden rules and here we are. It feels amazing, we are over the moon. I can only describe how we are feeling as elated, thankful and grateful

by Theresa & Shane on Think Money

“Shane worked a FIFO roster and we wanted to improve our financial security for our children and retirement while he was still on the FIFO.

I knew property was the way to go but we were stuck on how to take the next step. We have been with Think Money for 12 months and have saved $35,000.00 on our home loan, purchased one investment property and looking at purchasing our second

by Kerri & Wade Collins on Think Money

My husband and I decided while we are young for him to work FIFO; to work hard now to set ourselves up for retirement later. However after five years working away from home we didn’t seem to be getting anywhere financially.

Our dream was to live closer to the beach to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle for us and our two children. Little did we know that in only four months our dream would come true. It gets better because we have also changed the way we do our banking and purchased two investment properties.

I didn’t think that would ever be possible in such a short space of time. With Think Money’s help and guidance, FIFO working seems to have become easier and less stressful as we can now see that we are finally getting somewhere in achieving our retirement goals.

We are now living in our beach house, feeling less stressed, having control of our money, hoping to buy another investment and we have even saved enough for a jet ski

by Suzanne Macks on Think Money

Back in 2013, I went along to the Women’s Lifestyle Expo and listened to Chris Childs speak about what she did at Think Money and thought, yes, this is for me.

As a single woman on a teacher’s wage, plus all those misconceptions you hear about needing a 20 per cent deposit (because that’s what the banks tell you), I didn’t think buying an investment property would even be possible. In fact, as an educator myself, I felt really uneducated listening to Chris speak about finance.

I have already bought two investment properties and I am aiming for five in five years and perhaps even 10 in 10 years. I would love to be able to cut down on the number of hours I need to work and live off my investments eventually, which I never thought would happen.

I have introduced three other teachers to Think Money because they have heard me talk about how easy and hassle free it has been. My advice would be to just do it. It’s not as hard as it seems, certainly not as hard as quadratic equations that’s for sure

by Anonymous on Think Money

In just 12 months at Think Money we have reduced our debt by $19,500 and have bought one property through our super.

Walking through that door on the first day, I had to admit to myself we needed help. That to me is success, in the realisation that I had to be honest with myself and admit we couldn’t do this on our own at that stage. And then all the successful thoughts came flooding in. The success when we learnt how to budget and understood where all that money went.

The success when we listened to the debt reduction team and now have a positive working financial platform which we can build on. The success when we spent time with Lynn and now know it’s okay to ask for what we want and not feel guilty and to change things until we’re going in the direction we want to go and get the results we want.

The success when we listen to the inspirational stories and experiences from Chris and we feel the passion growing inside us that lingers and keeps the mind and heart going in the right direction towards financial freedom. You’re all so awesome!!

We were stuck in a negative and non productive cycle. Our first meeting opened our eyes to the world of opportunity. For the first time since leaving school I felt the ‘world was my oyster’. With help from Think Money and the Think Finance teams we have restructured our home loan and have formed a solid foundation for our financial growth. We have bought a property through Think Investment Realty with the help from the Think Finance crew and the guys at Otium.

The professional attitude everyone has brought to the table has been wonderful, and who would have thought buying property would be so simple. It is easy with a champion team around you. We know that what we have prepared in the last 12 months will put us in good stead to get our 10 properties in 10 years

by Anonymous on Think Money

I bought my first investment property when I was 24 and after a few years of holding that property I wanted to look at adding to that. I thought I could go out on my own or speak to someone with a wealth of information to help me make more informed decisions and help guide me through the process.

My plan is to build a property portfolio up to 10 properties. I am currently on my second property and considering a third in the near future.

For people under 30 I would say that buying property doesn’t have to be a struggle. Certainly you do need to be focused and you need to concentrate on saving to get into the market.

But with the right information about how to set up your finances correctly it doesn’t have to be a struggle to hold that property and then be able to buy your next one and the next one. You just need to have the right guidance and information and that’s what I find Think Money provides me.

Since I have been at Think Money I have learned that I certainly wasn’t managing my finances as efficiently as I should, constantly trying to save and reduce my home loan and felt as though I wasn’t getting anywhere. The education that they have provided has now enabled me to set up my finances correctly so it’s making a huge impact on reducing my home loan, I’m being able to save to go on holidays and buy my next properties and I’m not looking at my next pay cheque and being stressed about whether I have enough money

by Anonymous on Think Money

We have been with Think Money for six years now and we have 6 properties. We are close to the end of our working lives and Chris, forever helpful, has assisted us to put together a plan towards retirement.

One of my greatest fears (not my husband – he has been fine) during our journey with Chris and the team was that we owed so much money but I must say over the years, I have listened to Chris and everything she has said makes perfect sense. You know the 2 or 3 years of good, a couple of years of mongrel etc etc... Now looking at our portfolio – all of our properties have increased in value… and they will continue to grow in value.

The interest only term for two of the properties finished and to re-negotiate I had to list our assets and liabilities. I wrote everything down very carefully… and had a “wobbly” moment when I calculated our liabilities, then I added up all of our assets and the figure was huge. Couldn’t possibly be I though… so back I went, changed the batteries on the calculator and guess what – it was right! We had increased our net worth by over $1,300,000 in under 6 years. We were both elated (to say the least). We couldn’t have worked and saved that amount of money!

So my message is – don’t sweat the small stuff, (have you heard that somewhere else?) be courageous and trust Chris and the team at Think Money to take you through the journey and hold your hand when you need it... but don’t sell

by Brendan & Nicky Mallyon on Think Money

We had been interested in looking into our finances and getting ahead as well as being self funded for quite a while. We looked at a lot of programs but none of them felt right.

We were at the stage of our lives where we wanted a strategy on how to accumulate a retirement income and after the initial meeting with Chris we knew it sounded like what we were looking for. It felt like we had found a light at the end of the tunnel. It was nice to have a concrete, structured strategy for accumulating properties. They didn’t say it would happen overnight so it made me feel comfortable that it was not a get-rich-quick scheme and it aligned well with our comfort levels.

We are still at the early stages, but in terms of budgeting it’s been a real eye opener. Refining and seeing where our money is going has helped us tremendously. We are planning on retirement in 10 to 15 years now rather than 20. It just means we have options and don’t feel tied to a particular job forever. Joining Think Money has created a sense of calm and direction for us. They have helped us with the “How To”. They spend the time to educate you and help you to understand. We have been involved in the whole process and have felt in control the whole way.

We have already bought one property through our super fund and are about to buy another. I didn’t think accumulating two investment properties within such a short space of time would be possible. I have found the whole experience with Think Money fantastic

by Anonymous on Think Money

Our journey into the property market began when we were both 22 years of age. In hindsight, we were both really quite young (by today's standards) and now that we're 49 we really should have 40 odd properties under our belt! (laughing)

Unfortunately, we made some progression and some regression and until coming to Think Money we really didn’t have a plan or model to follow and made lots of mistakes.

And within a week or two of Chris showing us her formulas we just moved ahead in leaps and bounds. It was awesome. We can now concentrate on having a better lifestyle and keep accumulating properties at the same time.Everything Think Money say they are going to do – they do

by Anne & David Dale on Think Money

Before we became Think Money clients we tried investing ourselves. We had three investment properties. It was at the peak of the market and we were trying to sustain them.

Because they were all negatively geared, we couldn’t achieve that and we were always stealing from our own coffers to prop up the properties which led to the fact we sold two of them at the banks advice. Managing the holding costs is what we weren’t able to do. We didn’t have that knowledge.

Now we have someone who can pretty much guide us in the way we do it.

And now, ten months later we have bought four investment properties, adding to the one we already had. So we are looking towards retirement now and knowing that we will be well planned for the future. I now feel like I am going to have a retirement that’s going to be really, really good and well catered for financially. Having someone to guide you through the maze of finance is really helpful

by Helen Agius on Think Money

I joined Think Money after hearing about them through a friend at work. The first thing that really impressed me was even though I lived 10 hours away, they wanted to meet with me face-to-face.

What they explained about finance, property and debt reduction really made sense to me. We now have three investment properties already, which I never thought was possible and because I live in a mining town I have done it all via the phone and email.

They take all the hard work out of it and look after everything. I certainly would not have made it happen without their help. I love the budget tracker; it really works for me and keeps me on track. That’s one of the things I really love about Think Money – they are passionate about helping people to reduce their debt. I have never experienced customer service like it.

Joining Think Money was a leap for me and it has paid off.  It was a matter of letting go of what I had been doing and putting my trust in them to help me achieve what I want by allowing them to educate me through goal mapping, budgeting and debt reduction to allow me to achieve my dream of owning investment properties

by Anonymous on Think Money

We were totally blown away by how easy it was to save money since allowing Think Money to reorganise our finances. The Debt Reduction template which tracks daily expenditure is so simple to use and my husband wishes we could have known about this product years ago.

The excitement of being able to build new properties to rent is also mind blowing. We are looking forward to the day our properties are ready for renting. Monthly meetings and workshops with the amazing team helps keep our mindset on track.

Think Money is the friendliest team I have ever met. The literature and media to advertise Think Money and that are used in workshops is incredible. The professionalism of the team is extremely high

by Anonymous on Think Money

I’ve been with Think Money for six years and during that time I have accumulated six properties - four outside my super fund and two within. I’ve always been interested in property but I didn’t know enough to take the next step. I have learned so much through Think Money.

The realisation of what I could do became much clearer. Understanding how banks and loans work and the fact that you don’t have to do things the traditional way has been a big eye opener for me. Think Money has taught me how to set up my finances so I can still have a great lifestyle and be looking after my future at the same time. It’s also allowed me to pursue my interest in cars, whereas before, that was out of reach.

As a teacher, I am setting myself up so I can decide when I choose to retire, it’s all about having options. The thing I love about Chris is that she embraces your personal goals and helps you achieve them. The whole Think Money crew is awesome. They take a personal interest in where you are at and where you want to be. They make you feel so special

by Anonymous on Think Money

I have always wanted to purchase more property but I really didn’t know how to go about it. The knowledge we have gained has been instrumental in making some of our dreams a reality. We have learnt the importance of maintaining a positive mindset!

The fantastic knowledge that we have gained from Think Money is something we will now use for the rest of our lives. They really do have great people working in every facet of their business that seem to actually care about their clients. That makes a big difference I think in any business

by Kay Millions on Think Money

I am no longer frightened of money. I used to earn and not have any direction. Through goal mapping, I now have focus. Money is now a source of energy from which I can purchase property to safe guard my future.

Chris not only ‘talks the talk’ she ‘walks the walk’.

Her altruism filters through her team and outwards. I am so pleased I took the ‘leap of faith’ to attend. At the first seminar I attended, the words ‘If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten’ kept playing in the back of my mind. Love, love, love Chris and her team at Think Money. I feel very blessed

by Lisa & Troy Musgrove on Think Money

We knew there was a path to success and we already believed in the power of positive thinking, however we had no idea what to do and the future looked murky. Think Money showed us the steps to debt reduction and wealth creation and it was their emphasis on mindset that really hit home with us.

The penny dropped and we suddenly realised: ‘How can we fail if we continually focus on the positives?’ We have had all manner of struggles this year and are not where we hoped to be by now, but not once have we felt down. We are on our path, it will get bumpy, but we are going to buckle up and enjoy the ride!

When I first read about Think Money and went to my first appointment, I thought it all sounded too good to be true. There had to be a catch right? We still believe it is wise to be skeptical, however it is also wise to do all you can to be sure one way or the other. You will never know if something is a good thing or not unless you try it. We took the plunge and are now immensely grateful that we did. We now know beyond a doubt that Chris and her team are knowledgeable, wise and down-to-earth people lovers. No matter what life throws at us, we know they will be in our corner helping us find the most positive path possible

by Janelle Griffin & Cheryl Hasler on Think Money

We became clients of Think Money, started looking at properties straight away and they found a house and land package just right for us.

The Think Money team were absolutely brilliant. They were there virtually on call 24/7. Janelle would call me or I would call Chris or Lynn. I think if we didn’t have them mentoring us and standing behind us we would have said “Walk away!”. It really would have been too hard without their help.

If you had asked me five years ago, would I be here? I would have said, no! I have been down to my last 20 cents and now I’ve got enough money that I was able to afford a holiday to New Zealand!

Like Chris says, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” It really is easy