The seven things about money we wish we had learnt at school…

If you think you can’t achieve money mastery, think again!


Where to go for financial advice

Most people go to a bank for financial advice on the right bank accounts and home loans to have. A bit of a laugh really when you consider their profit margins. It’s like asking the mouse where to put the cheese! We wish we had been taught to ask someone who has money the best way of handling it.


Credit cards are like guns

A loaded gun in a playground is dangerous, but treated correctly it isn’t. Credit cards are the same. Most of us just use them to help the banks, but you can turn the tables and use the bank’s money for free and use your money to reduce your interest. This secret can save thousands!


How to be more organised and how to save money

It is a fact that if you get organised with your money, you have more of it. Bills get paid on time, you don’t waste precious money on fines, fees and overdue payments, and you make your money work for you instead of against you. A money management program including a budget planner accelerates your debt reduction and wealth creation.


You can make compound interest work for you or against you

Saving to buy something instead of borrowing can halve the price you pay for most items. ‘Interest free’ isn’t free at all. The interest has been tacked onto the price – ask for the ‘cash’ price and see.

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Debt consolidation can be your best friend or your worst enemy

Consolidating credit card debt and consumer debt onto your home loan can reduce your loan repayments each month and lower the amount of interest you pay. We wish we had been told to use this extra money to then reduce the home loan much faster, and not fall into the same trap again and again – burning up precious equity that could have been used for investing.


The power of separating your life from your investment property

We wish we had learned the key to successful property investing and stress-free living was to keep personal and investment funds quite separate from each other.


Not to assume a home loan is a long-term debt

A home loan doesn’t have to be a stone around your neck for 25 years, or best case, if paid weekly or fortnightly, 17 years. What most people don’t know is that handled correctly a mortgage should be paid off in five to seven years just by doing your banking differently.